Gayle Bustin


Gayle has gained a world view of living conditions and acceptable standards while living in South Africa, Russia and four countries in the Middle East. In the Ural Mountains of Russia, after discovery that orphan children were living in city sewers to stay warm, she championed a campaign in the City of Perm that eventually aired internationally on CNN. In response, corporations and individuals provided a center to house homeless children in the region. Working for Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia, she was selected to develop and manage a division to improve living standards in a community that served the company. Exposing the appalling living conditions of the migrant workers, she spearheaded a movement within upper management of Saudi Aramco to change human rights laws in Saudi Arabia. Since moving to Knoxville, Gayle has served many civic organizations including East Tennessee Design Center where she headed up the Downtown Design Home Tour. She has also served on the Holston Homeowners Association. Presently, she serves on the Executive Committee of the Metropolitan Planning Commission and Introduction Knoxville committee where she is chair-elect.