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Cristy Lockwood

Cristy Lockwood is the Chief Operating Officer and President of LHP Capital, LLC. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company and has oversight of property management, asset management, finance, human resources, IT and all support functions. Cristy also directs property sales refinancing, underwriting and exit strategies. She is a member of the Firm Council, LHP’s executive leadership and strategic planning team.

Cristy has been with the organization since 1989 and played a key role in building the infrastructure to support the company’s growth. Her first job was establishing and heading up the asset management department. Cristy is the Chairperson of Legacy Housing Foundation’s Board of Directors where she also chairs the strategic planning and programming/fundraising committees. She is co-founder and past board member of the Knoxville Americana Music Foundation. Cristy graduated magna cum laude from Tusculum University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management.